Seeking sustenance by offering parcel widths, why not? As a guide, you can see the contents of the parcel complete with packaging through online sites with many branches, call it Flower Advisor. How to make? Click here!

Who said it was difficult to find the money? Then just sit at home, it would be very difficult. If you want to try, the money was not going to get tough. Briefly again it would Eid, you can advantage for the money. Even if only a little, at least, can create additional needs widths. How to do? Business parcel widths. Parcel widths in fact are a need for some people ahead of Eid besides buying pastries, clothes, rhombus, and others. Eid parcel is more than just a symbol of survivors celebrates Eid together, but for charity. However, there will be plenty of competitors that you have to face when running a seasonal business. To be able to favor themselves from competitors, following a slick strategy that can be applied in order to be successful in the business of parcel widths.

Offer contents different parcels

parsel lebaran cokelat

Be businessman parcel precedence by the buyer. How to offer the contents of parcels that are different from other competitors. Another not remembers the contents of the parcel often be a serious consideration before buying the parcel. You can offer the content of the parcel widths of chocolate praline or paper cup which each have one letter on it to make the word “Happy Eid” or “Forgive Me Body and Soul”. So, not only contains wafers, biscuits, and bottled beverages. It could also offer parcel widths by containing wall display containing Islamic elements. Mukena, gloves, cap, or prayer rug can also be given as a gift the contents of the parcel widths.

Give attractive display

Parsel lebaran menarikThe more attractive appearance parcel widths will further increase the impression in the hearts of the parcel recipient. No wonder that the appearance of the parcel is also fairly considered by the buyer. As a businessman, you must know how to look attractive parcel widths desired by the buyer. Find out this information through neighbors, friends, magazines, up to linkedin Flower Advisor. Remember, the view here is not only in terms of the preparation of the contents of the parcel but also of shape pa. So, you can make a basket-shaped parcel of the mosque, made of plastic baskets for parcels to be used thereafter, and so forth. Not to forget, add specific accessories once synonymous with Eid.

Promises flexible pricing

parsel lebaran harga fleksibel 2

Price, aspects of which are also considered a buyer before buying the parcel. Although it was okay and it looks interesting if the price does not match the bag, the buyer will be reconsidered. For that, you should promise flexible pricing. Flexible here means the buyers themselves who determine the price by selecting the contents of the parcel itself complete with the desired packaging and then you can give an explanation for the price. The more and the contents the parcel quality, the price will be relatively expensive. Vice versa, the less and the usual price offered for the parcel relatively oblique.

florist onlineDo you want to be a florist? You may get started online. Why? In this digital era, running an online business is very lucrative, even those who have conventional stores need an internet presence. Becoming an online florist you can reach customers from various places and also worldwide. As we all know, many people are seeking flowers online for special occasions. On Valentine’s Day, men want to deliver a bouquet of flowers to women. The children need to deliver blooms to the greatest woman, mom, on Mother’s Day. Other occasions when people need fresh flowers are graduation, Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year. and so on. In fact, it is even needed for apologizing, visiting sick people, and many other ways.

Well, for those new florists online, you have to apply three steps below to be successful by keeping customers satisfaction:

Maintain the beauty and freshness of flowers

Florists have to be aware of the importance of flower beauty and freshness. In general, customers choose one flower shop simply because it offers beautiful flowers that stay fresh until it is received by the targets. See the tips of it on blog tumblr.

Therefore, your very first task is to keep taking care of all flowers you have before they are delivered. TO keep cut flowers fresh, florists ought to cut them properly, take antiseptic, use hair spray, or in short, do special methods.

Give rewards for loyal customers

Everyone loves reward! In business, reward is something that customers receive because of being loyal or buying from a store continuously. In order to keep your customers to be the loyal ones, you need to put much effort, so they won’t leave you and go to your competitors?

What kinds of rewards should you provide? For example, customers who buy over $500 will get 10% off. Don’t forget their birthday! Apart from saying “Happy Birthday”, you may present a nice gift for them on the birthday so they will feel special.

Be innovative

Last but not least, every entrepreneur must be creative and innovative for sure. In running a flower business, at least you do improvement like by adding the varieties of products you have. For instance, if you only offer cut flowers and bouquet, you may offer carnation, flower board, wedding flowers, and much more. Not only in the varieties of product, but also in marketing strategies. To reach more customers and make them satisfied, you have to improve the promotion and marketing. Maybe, you can make articles or videos about taking care of flowers, share information and tips on choosing the right flowers, and so forth.

In short, florists have to maintain the beauty of flowers, try giving rewards, and be innovative to be successful in running the business. Good luck!

hampersKnowing that Hari Raya is coming you probably start to think about what to do ahead. Keep a good relationship with family, relatives, and colleagues by planning to send hampers especially for those who are away from you. You can share the happiness and maintain the connection with loved ones by doing this. Now, what you are supposed to do is considering who will receive the hamper gifts. Is everybody you know ought to get one? Due to limited budget, you don’t need to give them all.

Furthermore, you are highly recommended to create your own Hari Raya hampers instead of buying the available ones. Here are the reasons:

Customize the contents

Unlike buying ready hampers in which you cannot choose what to include there, you are free to customize them. You can consider whether the recipients would like it or not or you may buy something that is affordable. It means that DIY Hari Raya hampers can suit the preference and your budget. Sounds great, right? Moreover, you can make sure that everything in hampers is stilld good and fresh.

Save money

As explained in the previous paragraph, making DIY Hari Raya hampers can suit your budget and let you pick affordable things to be included. Doesn’t it mean that you can save money, right? People usually set high price for hampers (especially the luxury ones). They are even more expensive due to high demand prior to Hari Raya. You don’t have to worry about it at all since you create them on your own with less spending. It obviously saves some of your money, right?

Make the gifts more memorable

Don’t you know that self-made gifts and hampers are absolutely more impressive and memorable? Indeed, people will be happier to receive something that is made with efforts. When they know, the hampers are uniquely made by you especially if you add a Hari Raya greeting card, they feel so special for sure.

Increase your creativity

Last but not least, if you start creating DIY hampers from now on, you can use your creativity and keep increasing it. Perhaps, someday you can open a businesss by selling hampers, flowers, and gifts. It can be a profitable business, right?

Actually, if you want to buy flower hampers, just immediately visit, but if you are eager to do it yourself, why not? Alternatively, follow us on twitter for further information. Four benefits above are all that you get sooner or later.

buket bunga untuk ibuTo appreciate the services of the mother in Indonesia, December 22 is celebrated as a national Mother’s Day. Although we can always devoted affection to the mother at any time, but in the mother feels more special. On that day, the mother pampered and given a gift from her husband and children. Give gifts in the form of a bouquet of flowers can be a Mother’s Day gift at the right. It is based on the fact that almost 90% of women in this world love flowers. Additionally, beautiful flowers also can reflect the beauty of a mother who had conceived and care for her children during this time. For those who love the mother, chose her special interest with the tips below:

Ask for recommendations best florist

Today, it has been widely spread florist that operates offline and online. With so many options, it will make you confused in choosing the

right florist. The trick? You can ask for recommendations the people closest to that experienced in buying flowers in florist reliable. If you live in an area that is not too much to have a flower shop, can make reservations online. One of the reliable online florist with flower quality does not disappoint is Flower Advisor, you can see the catalog here. For a closer look, please make friends with a Facebook account.

Choosing the type of mother’s favorite flowers

After choosing the right flower shop, the next step is to choose the type of flowers favored by your mother. If it does not know his favorite flower, you can ask the nearest person’s father or mother about her favorite flower types. In addition, you can also choose the type of flowers that represents his character. For example, your mother was known as a formidable figure, red roses be the right choice. For that, you have to recognize his character in order to choose the appropriate type of flower.

Writing greeting cards

kartu ucapanIf you include children who are shy in expressing affection to the mother, you can pour through greeting cards. If you are not good at writing beautiful words, you can cite one quote or poem that contains words that represent your feelings toward him. Not only sweet words only, you can also express criticism of the attitude of the mother during this time. For example, your mother is too busy or seem to ignore you. Luapkan all your feelings in a greeting card that will be pinned to the bouquet. By doing so, she will know about your feelings for this.

Determining the purchase budget

Although very loving mother, you still have to think realistically about the overall budget to buy gifts. She does not need expensive things, but your sincerity. For that, choose a bouquet that cost in accordance with the budget you have. Do not until after Mother’s Day is over, the next day asking for money to the mother because of your pocket money runs out. What a shameful thing, is not it? Although parents can understand, you should still show devotion to grow with mature thinking.

In order to give a shock in the mother, you should use the services of flower delivery. To that end, do not forget to write the address clearly so that ushered in the destination without error. Whoever you are and whatever your age, there is no word’later’ for your mother happy. Happy Mother’s Day.:)

ilmu dasar berkebunGlobal warming is becoming a threat to the world’s population, where the earth is getting hot so that interrupt the cycle of life. Coupled with the illegal logging that makes the most of the experience denuded forest growth due to unbalanced development. To mitigate the impact of global warming, more broadly, people are encouraged to have a garden at home. Besides being able to generate oxygen, the garden at home can save on household expenses so that gardening becomes a solution to two problems at once. However, not everyone is reaping good yields in gardening. That’s because they do not know basic gardening techniques well. Are you experiencing similar problems? If so, learn basic sciences gardening below:

Maintain soil fertility

The most important thing in gardening soil is the medium used. Please know, the land has a fertility rate that is different. There are several factors that cause decline of soil fertility, including drought and pesticide. To that end, a good grower should pay attention to the fertility of the soil before starting the process of planting seedlings. The trick is to provide the substances needed by the soil, in the form of microbes, bacteria, worms, and other organisms soil fertility. This can be done by mixing compost with the soil that will be used as a planting medium.

Choose plants based on climate around

In addition to the land, the sun will be a determining factor in crop yields will be obtained. Lack of sunlight, it will greatly affect the survival of plants. However, there are some species of plants that live with minimal sunlight. One is an apple tree that can only live in cold climates. Therefore, I recommended to choose plants that can live on the climate in your area.

Prevent pests

hama-tanamanGardening activity could not be separated from pests that would undermine yields. However, many planters were wrong in taking action to repel pests from the garden. They tend to overcome pests by spraying pesticides which incidentally only be damaging the fertility of the soil and poison animals and plants in the garden. The best way is to prevent these pests come. You do this by wrapping the plant with a special cover. As a precaution against vermin destroyer leaves, you can take off predators, namely beetles and nematodes.

Noting nutrients in plants

Just like humans, plants also need nutrients that can help him develop. Land the main medium that supplies food for plants, so maintaining soil fertility become essential to be done. The best nutrients for the plants can be obtained from the organic fertilizer. During this time, many people assume chemical fertilizers is the right choice because it can accelerate plant growth. Though fast-growing risky because it can invite the arrival of pests faster.

Don’t forget to provide quality water sources so that plants are not contaminated with harmful substances. To be successful in gardening, you have to have a love of the environment and the attitude of high consistency so that the garden can be well maintained. In addition, multiply knowledge about the characteristics of the plant in order to take care of the appropriate procedure. Hope it is useful.:)

Roses and Lilies

Roses and lilies arguably are the favorite flower of many people. Not least because they both have a beautiful shape besides fragrance fragrant. On this, many are interested in planting roses and lilies. With hope, can pick their own for fragrances, once the homes without having to spend their money relatively expensive. However, some of them not quite managed to make the seeds of roses and lilies grow and bloom. Why does this happen? It could be due to lack of proper maintenance. For those who are interested in planting roses and lilies, following a simple way to treat it:

Flush with water. Water has an important influence on the plant. Water becomes one important component in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis can help the breeding of plants, produce food reserves, and so forth. That is why roses and lilies should be watered regularly. However, the quantity of water used to flush do not be too much, especially for the lilies. Flowers that too much water even to stagnate in the pot (if using a pot), it is easy to wilt.

Provide fertilizer. As with humans who need nutrition from vegetables, fruit, fish, etc., flowers too. However, nutrient contained in the organic fertilizer (manure, compost, and others) or inorganic (urea, pesticides, ponska, KCL, ZA, and many more). Fertilizer application in order to meet the nutrient soil planting is expected to start from the beginning. Fertilizer will make growth more and better flower with stem strength okay. Provision of fertilizer there are several methods through plant roots, spread, watered flowers, and so forth.

Provide mulch. You know what it is mulch? Mulch is a material commonly used in order to soil moisture is maintained. Weed growth can also be minimized by administration or installation of mulch. To form their own mulch diverse, there are tangible plastic or so-called inorganic mulch (to be drilled according a spacing) were placed before the seed is planted. There is also a tangible from wood chips, dried leaves, straw, reeds, or other so-called organic mulch.

Cut regularly. Hot sun is definitely going to make the leaves of roses or lilies become dry. To that end, trim the leaves or petals that have started to dry out or wilt not until later affect the other rod. In addition, when the flowering season does not hesitate to cut roses or lilies at least 2/3 of the stem just below spared. Another not so that later roses or lilies can thrive for subsequent years.

Pests such as caterpillars, aphids, microscopic worms, etc. as well as leaf spot disease, stem rot, yellow virus, etc. is very disturbing growth of plants, including roses and lilies. To minimize pests, required insecticide spraying. How to control the disease? No other control by keeping the roses and lilies, where when there are parts of roses and lilies expected to disease directly trimmed.

Singapore-Garden-By-The-Bay-by-MegoHulk-On-FlickrSingapore is known for its many flower gardens, one of which is Marina Bay.The beauty of the flower garden in Singapore was able to inspire the hearts of many people to visit. In fact, during the holiday season visitors increasingly crowded. Marina Bay increasingly pupuler as a tourist because in addition to many kinds of flowers also added two glass-walled dome. The breadth is also not as usual flower garden, approximately 100 hectares. Talking about the flower garden in Singapore, not all flowers can be planted there because of the tropical climate. Climate affects the vegetation, including interest. Most of the flowers that can be grown there, namely:

Cactus flowers


Cactus flower is characterized by the roots and stems that waxed and long and thorny. Cactus plants have thorns that serve to reduce evaporation from the body so that it can survive. Cactus plants also serve to absorb water through their roots a long time it rained in order to provide opportunities in order to grow in the long term. It is said that, when the water content in the cactus tree cactus plant discharged certainly can not survive long. Although the cactus plants look so awful because his body is full of thorns but these plants have a million excess of one able to maintain its growth.

Orchid Flower


The orchid is famous for its uniqueness, where these flowers have a variety of shapes and colors. Types of orchids can you know there are five, namely orchid moon, tiger, dendrobium, ohalaenopsis schileriana, and Vanda. Diversity owned by orchids and other flowers are not owned by becoming so special attraction. In Singapore(flower garden), orchids from a variety is certainly to be one of the moments that must be immortalized. If you have not previously been found orchids from a variety of now you see it there. Planting orchid is not so difficult, it’s just planting medium used to be really good quality in order to produce fragrant flowers. Therefore, it was in the state of Singapore orchids can live because the temperature allows.

Tuberose flower


Tuberose flower has a meaning of affection and love, not surprising that many people use it as a gift for someone who cared. The smell is very fragrant like jasmine adds to the attractiveness of the interest is growing. In Singapore, tuberose flower known as Xinxiao. Tuberose flower usually has a length of up to 45 cm and has white flowers and is protected by green-green leaves. Said to be the tuberose flower because more often bloom at night time. It is also due to the weather at night is relatively cooler than during the day. Singapore, which has a tropical climate certainly influence of drawing it. Therefore, the opportunities to cultivate orchids pretty permit.

Singapore is known as a popular garden flowers. However, that does not mean the area there could be planted all the flowers. As shown in the above paragraph that Singapore’s tropical country like the Indonesia and Malaysia, it means fauna which can grow there will most likely be the same as the fauna that live in this homeland.


First, the profession as a florist is not so popular among the public at large. It is said that because of the business looks simple. However, the role of technology to make business selling flowers be easily developed even be developed, either because they are not only local residents can buy but also the wider community. Flower selling business has many advantages not surprising that many people are interested in, what are they? In addition to capital employed is not too great and profits are relatively high, with the hobby business could also be channeled. Is It True? To know about it more, you can see the descriptions below:

Capital is not too big


To start a business selling flowers you do not have to use too much capital. You can buy flower seeds you wish to grow, whether interest Palem, Andong, Bakung leaf width, Phillodendrum, Walisongo Small Leaves, Song of India, and and so forth. Prices flower seeds must be quite low because it still needs to be done in order to body treatments well. In addition to flowers, prepare the funds to buy pots, fertilizer, and medicine. You can choose a pot that corresponds to the size of the flower when grown so growing more freely. For fertilizer, make sure you choose a quality fertilizer so that development can be guaranteed with good interest. Likewise with medication, better to choose that has proven its quality in order to protect from pests and the like to the fullest.

Relatively high profits


Being a florist into one business area to gain huge profits. The say so because if it is able to assemble and decorate with flowers that look very interesting creative does not rule out the possibility of interest can be sold at high prices. Which had flower pot along with a normal course for the creativity can finally become a uniqueness. For example, you planted flowers in pots, from the pot that is broken can you ornament shaped like a ladder. Remember, the inexhaustible creativity will add insight and knowledge. Keep in mind, in business if you want to earn huge profits of course you also have to start with substantial capital and as well as acceptable losses(to be great anyway). In contrast to interest-sales business, which received huge profits but losses are relatively small one because by relying on the creativity of.

Hobbies can be channeled

Smiling florist arranging flower pots in garden center greenhouse store

Smiling florist arranging flower pots in garden center greenhouse store

If you are a nature lover and have a flower arrangement skills, most likely you will become a successful florist. Why is that? Someone who is able to cultivate a hobby with the maximum can definitely be able to be reliable. Compared with the hobby of playing badminton, because it has a hobby and a hard workout is not possible you can be up to foreign athletes. Similarly, the florist, have hobbies in assembling and creating new innovation can certainly become a reliable coupling interest.

Amyriad of advantages of being a florist. No wonder that a lot of people playing in this business, because there was no death. The interest thus said to be one of the need to maintain the coolness of the house so that the best-selling in the market.



online floristPreparing for Valentine’s Day is a bit confusing for me because I want to give something special to my loved one. Although my spouse and I have been together for five years, we find it very important to impress each other in order to maintain relationship. Further, receiving a special gift from spouse is one of the best things in life, isn’t it?

By the way, what kind of gift do you usually present to him/her? Things they love are perfect to make them happpy. Nevertheless, if you give similar thing over and over again because it won’t be special anymore. Giving something they already have also seems useless.

Since I haven’t given any flower to my wife, I thought that sending her flower was a great idea. I was really sure she would like it. Due to the distance (I had a business meeting abroad at that time), I ordered one on online florist that offered international delivery service. At first i twas hard to find the right florist on the internet but I followed three ways below:

Ask from relatives who ever ordered flower online

Is there anyone around you who ever buy flowers online? The best way to get trusted recommendation is knowing from people with experience. For example, you have a romantic brother who gives a bouquet of flowers every Valentine’s Day. Your friend is probably a caring person in which you receive stunning flower from him or her. Try asking from newly married people that probably order flowers online. It’s easy to pick a reliable online florist after you get recommendations since you don’t have to find it on your own. You can save time, right?

Know what customers say about the florist

Next, you ought to find out what customers say about the florist. Despite getting suggestion from relatives, more references are important to give you peace of mind. Therefore, you should know customer review and rating in advance. How to do that? Don’t worry. Knowing the reliability of an online florist is not difficult. You only need to visit customer rating website or search certain florists on search engine. What customers say will appear and give you information.

Find out clearly about the service and pricing

Last but not least, it’s also important to know the service and pricing. Before you order flower online, make sure to suit the service to what you need. For instance, as what I did, I looked for online flower shop that caters foreign delivery for sure. Besides, don’t forget to consider the pricing as well. Avoid overspending by comparing prices and ask for discounts to match with your budget.

Implementing three steps above helps you to find a trustworthy online flower shop without a doubt. Then, you can present beautiful flowers for your loved one on special day whether it is birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, graduation, or other occasions.